Ben Decter was awarded this Emmy for his Operation Homecoming score. With the Emmy I was awarded for “Operation Homecoming.” Here I am showing the statuette to my cats and dogs (They were very proud).


Ben after a performance of his music at the BSO Walking offstage after the BSO performed several of my compositions. This was one of my all-time favorite evenings.


Ben Decter, pictured with BMI's Lisa Feldman & Ray Yee and conductor Marco d'Ambrosio. With BMI’s Lisa Feldman & Ray Yee, and “Off the Map” conductor Marco d’Ambrosio.


Ben Decter pictured with BMI's Doreen Ringer-Ross, co-composer Marco D'Ambrosio and director Ondi Timoner. With BMI’s Doreen Ringer-Ross, Ondi Timoner (director) and co-composer extraordinaire, Marco d’Ambrosio.


Inside my recording booth


The view from Ben Decter's studio one special morning. Sometimes rainbows show up outside my recording booth- at least when it used to rain in Los Angeles.


The scene backstage following a Los Angeles workshop of Ben Decter & Kristin Hanggi's musical, Touched. Backstage at the Los Angeles workshop performance of TOUCHED, the musical I am developing with Kristin Hanggi. Pictured are: Addie (my daughter), Rachel Avery, Kalimba Bennett, Jackie Sloan (my wife) and Stephanie Anderson. Front row: Zoe & Isabelle.


Ben Decter's view of Christo's Gates (NYC 2005) during the Cedar Lake Ensemble premier. Christo’s “The Gates” project, Central Park, NYC, 2005. I walked through this scene as I made my way to the Cedar Lake Ensemble’s inaugural performance of a piece I wrote with Jeff Russo.


Outside Hollywood's King King club prior to a workshop of Ben Decter & Kristin Hanggi's musical, Touched. My son Leo and his castmate Isabelle outside the King King, getting ready to perform in the Los Angeles workshop performance of TOUCHED, the musical I’m developing with Kristin Hanggi.


The cast of Ben Decter & Kristin Hanggi's musical, Touched, following an NYC workshop. The cast of “Touched” following the NYC workshop.


A much appreciated spot on the Warner Brothers' lot for Ben Decter during ABC's OFF THE MAP. It’s not every day I get reserved parking at Warner Brothers– so I thought I’d enjoy it!
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